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Information from the Quarterly / Planning Meeting




Good New Everybody!  The meeting on the 23rd went over very well as a decent amount of membership were in attendance.  As the report will show the membership present have voted and agreed to “Hibernate” the selling beer bust at the Chain Drive until March 2012.  What this means is that it gives Chain Drive some time to recoup their funds as well as gives HOTB some time to support our Bigger Brothers within the Texas Region. Yet be aware the “Social Draught” at Iron Bear are still in effect, the 3rd Sunday of the month.  Henceforth, we have put forth an idea of a double treat for those 1st Sundays til march.  Which is road trip to visit Dallas Bears, Houston Area Bears, Trinity River Bears and San Antonio Bears for their respective busts in their areas also we have agreed to create for those who do not wish to travel a Movie Day on those days, which means it gives everyone another chance to go out and about with the membership and see some new and upcoming movies in our area.


Next I’d like to address the issue of some not receiving their renewals and or their new membership cards and pins.  There has been a slight hiccup with the programs that are used to inform our Secretary of expired and those new members.  It was informing Aldo that certain people were not members at all, including himself.  The problem has since been repaired and all should be receiving their info soon.  Aldo does apologize for the hiccup but we all know how software and computers can do what they want to do. So everyone give the GreyBear a big hug when ya see him.

Other than that, its still going to be a packed few months even with the hibernation of Beer Busts at the Drive.  Novem”bear” has a few ideals in it, Kelly is tossing the ideal of Bears Bowling that month.  We still have the to breakfasts as well as the Bears Night Out.  Plus I hope everyone will have a safe and sane Thanksgiving, and feed with imagination and come home full.  Decem”bear” is also going to be chocked with events as well.  With the annual Christmas Party.  Information to come further about that.


That’s all for now My Bears, enjoy Your HallowBear weekend at Chain Drive or the Iron Bear, both will have some exciting things happen on the 29th.  See Ya’ll out and about.





Octobear 2011

Afternoon everyone;


Here we are licking our paws after Back To The Woods 7 and a big high-five to Kelly for coordinating this year and Vincent for coordinating the show.  If any of ya’ll missed us at the TCC Landsite this year, you missed one heck of a time!  This was definitely a “Once Upon A Time,,,,” to remember.  Also a big bear hug to all who volunteered with cooking, trash and cleanup the whole weekend.  From what I can gather is that next year for B2W8 is gonna be just as a memory that all the previous have been.


Just a heads up for this month, the month of October.  This Sunday, the 23rd, we shall be having our quarterly meeting at Cafe Express on Lamar in downtown Austin.  After the meeting we shall have the planning meeting for the next 2-3 months.  At this time i would ask any and all people who have thoughts to be in attendance since this is a MEMBERSHIP organization.  Your thoughts, ideals and concerns are to be listened to and acted upon with diligence and respect.


Don’t forget our Busts happening twice a month here in the good ol ATX.  One is at Chain Drive on the 1st Sunday of the month and the 3rd Saturday we growl on over to the Iron Bear for Social Draught.  We’ve also got some movie nights happening as well, keep an eye on the calendar as well as our Facebook page for upcoming events.  Bears Night Out this month is on Thursday October 20th at Bone Daddy’s.  Facebook and the calendar have the directions and address.  As for an added surprise, Heart Of Texas Bears should have their new shirts by the beginning of next year.  In a joint effort with Out Youth of Austin, they will be designing our next shirts as our membership shall choose which one they would like and the chosen design shall receive a small congratulatory reward for their hard work and great job well done.  So keep your fuzzy eyes open for the new shirts showing up around or after the New Year.


That’s about it for now;

Pawing Off for now

Neil Ryan III

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