Greetings and Bear Hugs to ya’ll from your grumbling growling President for the next year.   First off I would like to apologize to any and all of you who have been waiting on new of events and things from us, your Executive Board.  Second I would like to remind and invite anyone that is coming to Austin for Pride in the next weeks to come on down to see us and our brothers in claws from here in Austin as well as Dallas, San Antonio and Houston for “A Weekend of Bear Brotherhood.”  Within the Parade we shall be marching with the giant bear flag as well as two “butch” trucks for carrying parade patrons as well as cool refreshments for our volunteers.  Leonard and JP have graciously accepted to allow their vehicles to be adorned and used this year in the parade.  Give them a nice big clap on the back, or whatever you deem interesting for them, for their open hearts.  The parade this year is on Saturday the 10th at10:30am.  Registration has been completed with the pride board at this time.   Confirmation at the event is set-up at9:30am, which seems to be onRiverside Drive near the Auditorium.  From information passed by the VP of the pride board, we can dress comfortable yet tasteful, please.  Since it has been a dread summer, shirts can be removed.  As long as shorts or lower covering is in place.  Next about the weekend.  Iron Bear has opened its doors for the Lonestar Bears and us to provide Bear entertainment the weekend long.  Friday night is a sign-up, meet and greet for an Austin Bear, Cub and Chaser type event.  For further information please contact them there.  Saturday is the event itself, with the Heart of Texas Bears selling a recipe of shot types on the main floor to help keep the crowd enthused as well as happy, which also shows us Bears can party like no other!


Ok, here are some events coming up in September.  Our monthly beer bust is held at Chain Drivefrom 4-8pm.  Come on down and see what the new management there has been putting together for the community.  Next we have the Smother Our Cub’s Breakfast or the Breakfast of Fuzzy’s, on the 3rd at Fran’s.  See the Calendar for more info.  September 21st is the Bears Night Out, which is held at Bamboo Garden, on S.1st and Ben White.   Last but surely not least is the Back to the Woods 7 this year in October.  Registration has been held at the same price of $85.00 for a limited time, so get that form filled out and see ya there!  Our gracious show coordinators, The Rhea’s, have informed Kelly that this year is to be “Once Upon A Time……….” Themed.


I thank everyone who has been attending as much as they can with this heat this summer, let’s keep it up!


Also, on the 17th the HOT Bears are to begin “Social Draught” at the Iron Bear as well.  From 4-9pm the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Ben and Roger have informed me that they will be having college ball on the TV’s once it all starts playin.  So get on down there and beat the heat with some inexpensive draught and football!


Till we GRRR again;


Neil Ryan

PrezBear, Heart ofTexasBears