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From the President’s Den – June 2011

As I sit here writing what is my last posting as President of the HOT Bears, I am reflecting on all the fun events and things we did as a group together over the last couple of years.  The good times we had at such events as Back To The Woods, UNRUN, the Anniversary parties, the tubing trips, the river parties, the pool parties, the movie nights, the dinners, and all the other events that we enjoyed together and where I have made so many good friends.  I am also reflecting on those who have moved on to different cities, states, and countries.  I also reflect on those we have lost too early.

For me moving here from the deserted flat-lands of west Texas almost 8 years ago to the vibrant, greener, and not-so-flat city of Austin was an adventure to say the least.  (Imagine going out and actually having  9-10 different bars to choose from!  Where I had moved from we were lucky to have the one bar we had…and we liked it…not  knowing what was really out there.)  I can remember getting lost everywhere I went…getting frustrated at all the traffic…complaining about how much more stuff cost…and not knowing a soul.  But I was happy to be here…and quickly started settling in.  It would be several years later that I found out about this group of guys, that welcomed me into their little den and made me feel good about who I was.  The guys there made me feel like a part of the group from the first minute I met them….and I have been associated with them ever since.  Of course that group was the HOT Bears.

It was my goal as your President over the last 2 years (and 2 years previously as Vice President) that the HOT Bears made all those who were new to the group (and those who were seasoned members)  feel welcome and like a part of the family.  And now that I am stepping down, I pass this tradition on to the new board who, I already know, will do a fine job  I want to thank all of you for your support and kind words during my tenure and would ask that you give the new board the same support and encouragement that y’all have shown me.

So I am signing off with a great big THANK YOU!…you guys are the best.



HOT Bears Celebrate 13 Years!!!!

The HOT Bears celebrated their 13th anniversary this month at the home of Leonard Schleuter with a BBQ dinner and all the fixins!  We had approx 55 in attendance, and everyone was seen having a good time.  For those of you who were not able to make it, we hope you will be able to make it to any of the events we have planned throughout the year.  Y’all are the reason the club exists, and it is for you we give many thanks!

June Birthdays

6/4 – Ollie Reid

6/9 – John Cise

6/11 – David Seigel

6/12 – Timothy Eubanks

6/13 – Dig Arnold

6/17 – Emmanuel Woodward

6/19 – Brian Blake

6/23 – Garrett Henry

6/27 – Jim Laferla

6/27 – Steven Dawkins

6/29 – Kevin Hoban

6/29 – Phillip Wright

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