Its about to heat up here in Austin….and I’m not just talking about the weather.  SXSW will celebrate its 25th Anniversary this year, and its expected to be one of the biggest ones yet.  With it there will be LOTS of people from out of town descending on downtown and the surrounding areas to enjoy what we sometimes take for granted….a vibrant city full of live music, restaurants, clubs, art, and multitude of things to experience.  That’s what I love about this city…there is ALWAYS something going on here, and there is ALWAYS something to do.

And speaking of things to do, we have an event coming up that not only helps celebrate what Austin has to offer, but helps raise money for some very worthy causes.  I’m talking about UNRUN.  This year will be our 7th year of helping keep Austin weird, and raising money for OUT Youth and the People’s Clinic at the same time.  Its sure to be a great weekend, so be sure to join us April 29 – May 1 at any of the scheduled events.  For more information go to  Bring a friend!!!!