Goodbye 2010….HELLO 2011!!

It’s a new year for us here at the HOT Bears and we hope it will be a good one…not only for the club (so far so good!) but you as a member as well. It is with this hope that we make a fresh commitment, not only to ensure plenty of fun events for you to enjoy, but that your membership in the HOT Bears is a value to you.

We are currently working on ways to improve existing events (beer busts, UNRUN, etc…) and add new ones. One area we really want to work on this year is adding more home based events, such as movie nights, game nights, cookouts, and the like. We realize that bar related events aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and eating out can be expensive. So we would like to have more opportunities where the group can meet up at peoples homes (or other venues), get to know each other, and create those long lasting bonds where friendships are made. We have had really good response to this and the last couple of events have been well received. So if you have a place and want to host a get-together….let any of the officers know and we can work with you to make it a fun time. Even if you don’t have a place but know someone who does, and still want to co-host an event…we can work with you as well.

We look forward to the upcoming year, and we want to make it a really good one. With your help and support, we know that its possible. And as always, remember….this is YOUR club…and YOUR input is important to us.

Here’s to 2011…..let’s get started.

Kelly Stephens